Janet's Story

I have spent a lot of time reflecting on what brought me to where I am today. It certainly wasn’t because I kept my room clean or I was particularly organized as a teenager!  My mom was very particular with a few items – I can always recall how ‘her’ scissors lived in the kitchen cupboard where the plates were – you could always find them there if you needed scissors but God help you if you didn’t put them back. There was some logic in that!

I have also experienced clearing out of family homes, where that experience can be very emotional for those concerned and family dynamics can sometimes create lifetime rifts between family members. It can also be an overwhelming experience because there is so much stuff.

I think as I got older, I found a system that worked for me, saved my family time and money. Things like, find a permanent place for everything; if you bring something new in, what are you giving up/donating in its place; if you haven’t worn it in a year – pass it along to someone who will, pay your bills on time and start thinking about your retirement when you are young! But most importantly – have fun and enjoy your life!

Janet Ireland, Trained Professional Organizer North Bay Ontario
organized pantry

After a 34-year career in healthcare, I retired in December 2017, it was time for something new and completely different. Knowing that I had a good handle on being organized myself and thinking about the experience I gained in my work life working in logistics, move management and project management, I took the courses required through the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) and obtained my Trained Professional Organizers Certificate. As a member of POC, I have access to great resources including a large network of experienced organizers and opportunities for further education.

I make it a priority to attend the POC annual conference and volunteer on the POC Cyber Chapter executive. I have been lucky enough to be invited to speak at a few local venues to speak on different organizing topics. I volunteer my time with local agencies when I can and I always attempt to donate client items to organizations that are dear to their hearts.

This new career, although being three years in now, continues to provide learning opportunities every day. It has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing new people and to challenge me to come up with innovative ways to meet short deadlines and limited budgets.

I will always be honest with my clients and will do my best to meet their needs regardless of circumstance. I think that is what I like the best, hearing their stories and watching their stress fade away as they see the transformation of their space(s).