Helpful Hints for getting “Office Organized”

organized office
  • Remove the obvious trash – if in doubt keep it and sort it later
  • What bothers you the most – start there
  • Create a to do list – sometimes while sorting it will trigger an outstanding task or project
  • Don’t agonize – if you are not sure what to do with it – put it aside and keep going
  • Put things away – keep the items you use daily closest to you
  • Don’t get side tracked – organize only; don’t start working on tasks that you uncover
  • Start on the future – write down your goals and keep them where you can see them.
  • Look at the layout of the space – does it work for you?

Getting your office organized will help clear your mind so that you can start working on new projects/goals.

Don’t get discouraged- it takes time – sometimes days, weeks or even months!

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